Laguna, Philippines.

Philippine Carabao Center- UPLB

Philippine Carabao Center is located inside U.P Los Banos, Laguna. It was created in 1992 to promote the carabao in the Philippines. They also have PCC dairy corner wherein you can buy their products like yogurt, milk, chocolate milk, pastillas, milk-o-gel,processed meat like summer sausage, hotdogs,salametti and the most famous white cheese. It is made of salt, rennet, and unskimmed carabao's milk. White cheese is one of their best sellers not only because of it's popularity but also because of its good taste. White cheese is mostly used as a spread on our very own pandesal.

One of the things that is very memorable in our trip in Laguna is drinking the carabao chocolate milk and it was amazing that even though it only cost P15.00 it's taste is still very unforgettable. Students in UPLB are commonly go to PCC Corner and buy their most favorite product, the yogurt. I have asked one consumer and she told me that she keeps on buying yogurt because the fruit flavor of it doesn't empower the milk and also because of the very affordable price. For just only P15.00 it can already satisfy your hunger..

written by:Clarisse Dammay
captured by: Clarisse Dammay