Laguna, Philippines.

Saint Mary Magdalene Church
Located: Magdalena

    It was built during the Spanish Era, using "Polo" or forced labor. The church of Magdalena houses is an important relic. When Brains of the Katipunan, Emilio Jacinto, was mortally wounded after an encounter with Spanish forces at the Maimpis River on February 1898, he was brought here. The Emilio Jacinto Shrine is located in the Magdalena Church.The stone church is dedicated to Mary Magdalene, the church was built in 1829. It is made of stones and bricks and has a sandstone facade. The church is located at the town center or plaza, just across the municipal town hall of Magdalena. The shrine of Emilio Jacinto is also located at the Magdalene Church. The old baptistery is at the ground floor of the bell tower and a convent is also attached to the church near the Emilio Jacinto Shrine.

     I and my group mates went to Magdalena Church around 10:00 am in the morning. When we got there, the rain stopped. (thank God) Unfortunately, the plaza was wet. Therefore, I advised people to go there on a dry season to have a quick trip. 
     As on our way to the church, I noticed that we were already experiencing the beauty of Laguna, the fresh air and the green environment. So we decided to open the windows, to clearly see the wonderful nature around us. We asked the residence at Laguna where was the Magdalena Church located. They said, we just go straight and when we already see the gasoline station the church was in front of it. While we were in the car, we saw a church named Magdalena Baptist Church, we thought that we were at the place we were looking for, but we failed, because it was not the same structure I saw from the internet. It was easy to get the way to the Magdalena Church.

      We got to Magdalena Church easily by asking the people living there. I was happy with the way they treated us. They were very helpful.
When I and my group mates were already going inside the church, one of my group mates said, "Is that a horror house?" because it was really old. We were really amazed. It was ancient unlike the churches nowadays. It was like, "I just see this on television, but now, I am here."

     The Magdalena church is one of the old churches in the country. It has a very ancient pulpit. I love the color inside. White! It was very sacred. I love to see myself having a mass in the Magdalena Church and imagining that I am at the old days, and acting like Maria Clara.

     There was also the Municipal of Magdalena facing the church 
it was established more than a hundred years ago. It was very unusual for me to see a Municipal which I only see on movies, because of its stairs in the middle going up to the door entrance.

     There was also the Magdalena Municipal Library, and the spot where the Ex-usaffe soldier and a guerilla were shot by a firing squad of Japanese soldiers. There were many places to see outside the Magdalena Church. There was also a school there; I saw some of the herbal medicine which was planted in a pot.

    It was "sulit!” because Magdalena has a lot to offer to the tourists. It is really rich in culture and history. In fact, I and my group mates just went to Magdalena for the church but we did not know it has many must see places!

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Written by: Kathleen Tan

I am not a christian, or in other words I have no religion, but I was amazed because even the church was too old it was still standing. There were some statues but I just only know the statue of Jesus Christ and rest sadly to say, but I cannot recall or know them.

Written by: Rorry

Magdalena Church Bell Tower
Magdalena Church Pulpit
Magdalena Church Altar
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