Laguna, Philippines.


A fruit that you really never forget the taste if you eat it is the Lanzones. Lanzones is a small round fruit. the combination of sweetness and sourness is the taste of lanzones, but this kind of taste give the uniqueness and the good taste of the fruit. This fruit has a seed inside of it. If you accidentally bite the seed it produces bitterness in the taste.
The texture of this friut is usually smooth and has a light brown color. Once you peel it you can see the white juicy delicious meatof the lanzones but be carefull to eat it because you might bite the seed that produces bitterness. 
Lanzones is very abundant during rainy season typically from the month of July to November. Most of this fruit can be found in the beautiful and wonderful placeof Laguna.
Lanzones is a fruit that is not only delicious but also a fruit that is rich in vitamin C and E. Eat a lot of Lanzones for us to have a strong immune system to fight for the common deseases like colds, cough and and flu.

written by : Rorry