Laguna, Philippines.

Who is Mariang Makiling?

Mariang Makiling is a well known Filipino folklore. She is a fairy or diwata that can be seen in our very own Mount Makiling in Laguna. People say that Maria Makiling is the guardian of the said mountain. She is responsible of protecting the natural sources in Mount Makiling. According to the citizen of Laguna, Maria Makiling is a young women with long black hair, big circular eyes, tall and fair skin or as the Filipino say, kayumanggi.

written by:Clarisse Dammay
captured by: michelle
captured by: michelle cruz


In time, there was a young lady and graceful with big black eyes and long and abundant hair. Her color was a clear pure brown, the kayumangging kaligatan in tagalog. . Her hands and feet were small and delicate and it seems that her face is always grave and serious. She was a fantastic creature, half nymph, halves sylph, born under the moonbeams of Filipinas, in the mystery of its ancient woods, to the murmur of the waves on the neighboring shore. They said that Mariang makiling always remained pure, simple, and mysterious as the genius of the mountain. Three of them were very much determined to have her.  Captain Lara, Joselito and Juan.

When the night of the full moon arrived, all of her suitors climbed up the mountain to know her decision. All was startled when Maria told them that it was Juan whom she loved. The suitors went away feeling dejected. On the other hand, Joselito and Captain Lara were very muchangry with Juan. They thought of a pln against him.Then one day, there was a huge fire/ Captain Lara ordered many Filipinos to be captured. Secretly, Joselito helped him. Juan was among those who they imprisoned and tortured. The next day, Juan was blamed for the burning of the Spanish. He was killed even though he didn't commit any wrongdoing. But before he died, he managed to shout out loud Maria's name. It was heard by the diwata so she quickly went down her mountain. Then, Maria was about to reach Juan but its too late. She also cursed those men who cannot accept failure in love. Soon, the curse took effect. Joselito suddenly became ill. There was no cure for his illness.  From then on, Maria never let herself be seen by the people. Every time somebody got lost on the mountain, they remember the curse of the diwata. They remember the great love of Maria Makiling.

Written by: michelle cruz