Laguna, Philippines.

    Kesong Puti★
It is my first time encounter kesong puti. I think they called to it kesong puti because the color of the cheese is white. I wondered where kesong puti made from. I thought it was made from milk of a cow but i was wrong, i was amazed that kesong puti is made up of the carabao milk. I never taste kesong puti but i'm looking forward that if I visit Laguna again someday, I can taste this kesong puti so that i can differientiate it to other cheese products and also for me to know how delicious this cheese is. And I think this is very nutritious beauseit comes from the fresh milk of a carabao.
hold the milk without stirring for 10 minutes. Lastly, transfer the casserole to a holder with cold or iced water for cooling of milk. after that it's ready to use or eat. She also told us that all materials used in the process should be properly washed and sterilized. We also interviewed and asked them regarding how to make kesong puti: According to the person that we had interviewed the materials and the ingredients used in making kesong puti were fresh carabao’s milk, table salt, casseroles, scooper, cheese cloth for straining, cheese moulds (made of tin can or plastic containers), aluminum ladle and waxpaper for stirring the milk and wrapping cheese. She also told us the procedure on how to make kesong puti. First, get milk from the carabao. Second, estimate the amount of salt on the volume of the carabao milk ( it should be 2 table spoonful of salt per liter of milk). Third, add and dissolve the salt in milk. Forth, with cheese cloth, strain the salted cheese milk to remove all extraneous matter. Fifth, pasteurize the milk in 5 minutes, stir the milk and cover. Sixth

written by :Rorry