Laguna, Philippines.

Emilio Jacinto Shrine

Located: Saint Mary Magdalene Church, Magdalena.

      This place still has the blood-stained bolo and hut of General Emilio Jacinto that symbolizes his bravery. This was the spot where Emilio Jacinto stopped with wounds in his body on February 1898 because of the Battle of Maimpis during the fight of the Spaniards and Katipunero and brought to Sta. Cruz Hospital for treatment.

This was offered by the Veteranos de La Revolucion of the department of Magdalena.

   The Shrine of Emilio Jacinto is just inside the church of the Magdalene Church. It is near the convent. I am just a little bit confused with the blood-stained of Emilio Jacinto, but I saw it, the color of the blood was already brownish and it was already unnoticeable as a blood.

Written by: Kathleen Tan