Laguna, Philippines.
Seeking for fresh air, beautiful places that can relax your eyes, yummy lansones ant sweet buko pie?

               Go nowhere else but Laguna, and feel free to explore the beauty of Laguna.  Laguna is 54 kilometers away from Manila, so what are you waiting for? See beautiful places like Mt.Makiling, Hot Springs and a lot more. Go on  and come with your family,friends or special someone. It will surely satisfy you.

I came in to Laguna and experience fresh air, warm welcoming people and mouth watering buko pie. No regrets in spending money cause I've enjoyed the adventure.

Written by: Clarisse Dammay
               It was a wonderful feeling to go out from noise, pollution and busy city of Metro Manila. "Laguna, here we come!" were the words that was running on my mind before we set off going to laguna together with my groupmates in Humanities. I was excited to breathe and smell fresh air that is coming from the forest or near by the river. When we arrived at Laguna, I was happy because we went to different places and this was my chance to explore the beauty of one of the provinces in the Philippines.

Written by: Rorry

                Looking for excitement and adventure? Well, Laguna qualifies your desire for a one of a kind adventure.

               Whether you're with your friends or family, you'll surely enjoy the beauty of this place. This may not be a very popular tourist destination in the Philippines but I tell you it will surely leave a wonderful memory in your hearts and minds. The freshness of the province reflects a very young and pure Philippines, contrary to the noise and pollution of Manila.
Personally, our getaway served as a natural therapy for our stressed minds and body. Fresh air touched our skin so gently, historical sights fed our hungry eyes, and educational tour added knowledge to our minds.

                Laguna is I think one of the places in the Philippine that makes me feel proud about being a Filipino. Exploring Laguna is such a wonderful experience all of us won't ever forget. If you love outdoors, historical places, resorts, adventure, and sight seeing, Laguna is the best place to visit.

Written by: Micah Bautista

               Looking for a place to go? so, what are you looking for? don't think of anything. LAGUNA! i'll sure you'll never regret if you go here. If you want different activities, it is here! if you want to experience and capture Laguna's natural gifts and boundless wealth. it is surrounded by fertile gardens, abundant warm and cold springs, waterfalls, resorts, the majestic Mt. Makiling, and picturesque old Churches and Houses. so what are you waiting for? come on!

Written by: Michelle Cruz