Laguna, Philippines.

Welcome to Rizal Shrine!
Located: Calamba

Tuesday to Sunday
8:00 to 12noon and 1pm to 5pm
Closed on Mondays


     Rizal Shrine is known for the birthplace of our Philippine National Hero, Jose Rizal. It is one of the most frequented historical and tourist sites in Laguna. An average of 270,000 tourists visit this shrine annually.

     It was already 3 in the afternoon when we got to Rizal Shrine. It was easy to go there because there are signs and people will help tourists to find the way. I have already gone to Rizal Shrine, during my grade school days and as far as I remember the color of the Shrine was white. But, as we got to the Shrine, I was shocked because of its color. It is already green! (Want to know why it was changed green? Click here.) I was a bit disappointed with the color because they changed the structure so much. I am happy with the people there, I saw kids playing, dancing and I heard by some of them they were going to join Showtime, a famous talent show in abs-cbn. For me, it was nice to unwind there because of its fresh air and green environment.

     When we were already inside the house, in the first floor, there were the medals of Rizal. The house of Rizal is huge, because I know that Rizal came from a middle-class. The chandeliers were all like the same, in the room, dining, and living room. I was amazed with the kitchen of Rizal, it was really different. There were the pot, and woods used for cooking. In the bathroom, there was a big jar, and a big hole. It was not hot inside the house because the shrine was made of wood, the windows were open, so it was not hot inside. Going to the room, I saw the room of the parents of Rizal, there was a picture of them and also the ceiling it was like, already breaking. The house of Rizal was simple but elegant.

      Going outside the shrine, there was the Nipa Hut, used as playground by Jose Rizal with his sisters. I also saw the original coat of Rizal, his novel Noli Metangere and El Filibusterismo. The original things of Rizal were all kept carefully. There was also a gallery at the outside the Shrine, (want to see some of the paintings? Click here.) It is entitled, Likhat Kathang Anak ng Calamba.
-Kathleen Tan

It is a previlege specially to a foriegner like me to visit the house of the national hero of the Philippines, Jose Rizal, for me to know who he really is and to know the place where he molded as a child until he grew old.

When we arrived to the house of Jose Rizal the place was really ancient but i notice that some parts of it was already painted with new colors but still the totality of the house was still ancient and still you can picture out the time where Jose rizal was still young. 

When we entered the house of Rizal, it was large. The things there was preserved for us to see the things they used before. It was a little bit dark, i didn't know the reason why it was a little dark. There were some trivias written on the table or wall for some trivias so that we could understand and we could know about the important things that Jose Rizal used during his time. when we went to second floor, the place was already light because the windows were wildly open. the rooms were so big for me, but i was amazed because the things like beds, chairs, tables were really antique. The clothes also was out of fashion already because i dont see any person wearing that kind of clothes now a day. But for me, the clothes that were displayed inside the house were beautiful and i think during thier time that kind of clothes were used for special occasions. 

The pacing was a little bit fast, after we went to second floors and looked for the rooms, we went to the back and came out to the garden. the gras was so green. It only shows that the place were really special for all the Filipinos, there were also some rooms outside the house of Jose Rizal. These rooms served as the extension of the house and become museum also. If you were going to look around, the place was really big. It only shows that the Rizal family was richer that other Filipinos before.  

Now, i understood that Jose Rizal had a big family. I also understood that Jose Rizal was very intelligent and had a smarter mind than those of his same age. That's why he used his intellgence to make a different, changed and save the Philippines from the spaniards.


Quick Facts about Rizal Shrine

Did you know that the original house of Jose Rizal was destroyed? It was destroyed during the World War II. With the help of the contributions from school children the house was reconstructed. President Elpidio Quirino tasked Architect Juan Nakpil to research about the design and build a house that is the same as the original house of Jose Rizal. On June 19, 1950 the house was inaugurated.
  "It was in that house that the boy (Jose
Rizal) was shaped and molded and who would become the finest expression of his race."
According to the NHI, "Although its woodwork and masonry are new, it occupies the same area and is made of the same materials as the original house of the Mercados. Its ground floor of lime and stone, its upper story of the best hardwood."
The only surviving feature of the Spanish-Colonial house is a deep well that has become a "wishing well" for tourists and visitors. Unknown to many, the parents of Jose Rizal (Francisco Mercado and Teodora Alonzo) are buried near the narra tree about 20 meters away from the "wishing well."

Come and look to learn more about our national hero, Jose Rizal.


Living Room

There were usually two to three sets of furniture. Here are caned seats and chairs with carved details marble-topped tables corner shelves and ceramic plant stands.There is no record of the actual furniture arrangement. The set-up was based on what people know about the houses in the old days.

Bedroom of the sisters of Jose Rizal.

When I saw the room, I said that it was too small for the sisters of Rizal, but I got to know that perhaps, not all of them were home at the same time. The elder sisters were in Manila, studying. They were the first of colegiales in Calamba.

Bedroom of Teodora Alonzo and Francisco Mercado (Parents of Rizal)

I knew that it was the bedroom of the parents of Rizal because there were pictures of them there. There was also the structure of Jesus Christ that is made of wood. Customary of the Filipinos, the house is not perfect without a picture or a structure of a saint. I saw the ceiling, it was already breaking. I think it would be a proof that the shrine is really old.



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Created by: Kathleen Tan