Laguna, Philippines.

Why Rizal's House turned green?

According to NHI Chair Ambeth Ocampo in Philippine Daily Inquirer, The reason for painting Rizal’s house green highlights to visitors of the meaning of his surname. Following the 1849 Claveria decree giving surnames to Filipinos for tax and census purposes, the Rizals who were also known by their other surname Mercado (market) chose “Risal” from the “Catalogo alfabetico de apellidos.” The word comes from the Spanish “ricial” which describes a green field ready for harvest. It was hoped that after asking, “Why is Rizal’s house green?” the visitor will get a relevant answer: the green hues are meant to honor the memory of the Rizal family and their way of life.

In my opinion, when I first saw the shrine, I think it was not right to change the color of the Shrine because we people get used to it already. It will look like ancient house if it is white.

by Ambeth Ocampo in