Laguna, Philippines.

Getting There

Make sure you have a Map!

How to go to Laguna from Manila? Here are some of the best options!

Ride a Bus

You can ride a bus to Calamba Laguna.  These are where the bus stations located.

-Cubao, infront of the Alimall.

-Kamias,  Quezon City near Cubao.

-Buendia, corner taft avenue, Manila.

These buses are all air-conditioned with television!

The buses are, Jack Liner, Hm transport, Lucena Lines, Saint Rose and Green Transit.

  There are also buses that has sign board, going to lemery batangas, you can also ride there because it will also pass by Calamba, just tell the conductor or the driver to drop you in Calamba proper.

  It will pass by the SLEX or what we call South Luzon Express Way. It will take 1-2 hours to get to Calamba Laguna. Calamba, is known as the town proper of Laguna.

   If you want to go to other towns, there are Public Utility Jeep and tricycles in Calamba.


  Be practical, do not ride a taxi because it will cost you 1000-1500php because of its taxi meter, especially when it’s traffic. If you ride a bus it will cost only 100-200php.

Drive a Car

   If your gasoline is diesel it will only cost 500-800php going to Laguna, it is already back and forth for a day. It is easier because you can measure your time and you can go where ever you want to go. It is the safest way to get to Laguna based on my experience.

  If you have a driver who is familiar to the place, you can just tell your driver where your destination is.

Rent a Van

   If you rent a car/van, it will cost around 2000-4000php for a day. But it depends on the destination. I advised that if you are going to rent a car/van, it is a barkada trip or family trip because it will be easier and affordable to rent a car/van if you are not the only one who will pay for it.


  If you do not know the driver, be very careful on trusting. Take extra care of your things, especially your valuable things.

Best Time to Visit:

   Best time to visit at Laguna? Ofcourse on dry season for you to have a quick trip. It's hard to travel when it is raining and the roads are wet. It is messy and dangerous because you may slip.
Written by: Kathleen Tan