Laguna, Philippines.

Calamba City

        Calamba City is a first class city in the province of Laguna Philippines. It is located 54 kilometers south of manila, just about an hour by chartered bus. This City is a popular tourist destination because of its hot spring resorts, most of the resorts are located in Barangay Pansol and Canlubang Golf and Country Club. Calamba City has a population of 281,146 people in 58,466 households according to the 2000 census.


How Calamba got its name?

              During the early days of spanish occupation, the two guardia civil got lost in what is now known Calamba. Thetwo soldiers met a young woman who was carrying a jar of water and a stove, he asked the woman for for the name of the place in Spanish language, but the girl couldn't understand the soldiers. The girl thought that the soldiers were asking her what she was carrying. She utterly answered, "kalan-banga" meaning, "wooden stove" because the Spaniard soldiers had difficulty pronouncing it, and so it was called Calamba.

     This legend was commemorated  with a large concret water jar in the city plaza with the names of the city's barangays written on it. It is known as the World's Biggest "Claypot".
Written by: Kathleen Tan